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Programming Services - Des_en Distinctive programming to the needs strong

The Des_en Good must be followed by good application to manage the site, which has become the nature of the Internet changing we impose greater control our sites ability, for this we are Des_en Web sites, as well as Dev_en Web sites programming with a smooth and effective nature.

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How is work

If you are interested in special programming for your site, you are authorized in the right place, we take pride in providing the best software solutions for the Web because we work the best and the latest development methods and choose the best work environments ( FrameWork ) - You can now explain your idea of programming we provide you with the best software expertise to turn your ideas into reality, Your request to turn our thoughts gives us the opportunity to enjoy the taste carefully programming and design, and manage your site from now will be easier and better than through the Control Panel .

What distinguishes our software from other software

Ease of control in the whole site.

The ability to modify the site's content for coloring easily control.

Another use versions of the PHP

Work environment use FrameWork Commensurate with the project and size (CakePHP - Zend Framework - CodeIgniter) .

Use psychotropic Ajax and some services that rely on processing of data through the Ajax .

Use psychotropic supports many libraries jquery - prototype - Mootools.

Seo support archive your site in the search engines as soon as possible .

Set up automatic sitemap.xml for search engines .

Add, edit, delete and define the powers for more than a manager on the site .

Support orders the CronJobs.

Cache support system for the site to reduce the pressure on the server and more speed for your website .


We offer you innovative solutions to organize your thoughts and your requests in the best shape possible.


Defined accuracy in all our programming where it is free of loopholes or mistakes


All our software compatible to work in all the servers and is characterized by the lowest consumption of resources as possible that our software is made from scratch rather than relying on ready software.


We excel quickly implement our software during the period agreed upon with the client.

Of our software